Compression and CNC bending

We guarantee exact finishing and excellent bending accuracy.

Laser cutting

We have the necessary tools and human resources.

Machine part production

More sophisticated tasks can be done with us smoothly.

Welding unique and serial production

We accept also special demands and more complicated requests.

Continuous innovation

The company started in Kecskemét with serial production at the beginning of September 2003. Initially in common with Regametal Ltd, only argon welding was the main profile, that we made shelving systems for C&A stores, painted, chrome-plated and matt chrome surface and exported to many parts of the world. Later, the palette was extended with automotive manufacturing, with a very small series of drawbars.

Our main activities include non-series and serial production, CNC bending, sheet cutting, laser cutting to Lv 20 plate, compression of laser-cut sheets, compressing to 1000 tons, machine parts production, with carbon steel and stainless steel materials, manual CO₂ arc welding and with AWI machines and a CO₂ gas welding robot. Manufacture of customized pedestals and steel hall frames.
Customer orientation

Orders are mainly from Kecskemét and from surrounding areas. Most of the individual and serial production are made by orders from car and machine parts manifacturing companies, like BOSAL, AUTOFLEX-KNOTT, PHOENIX-MECANO, SIEMENS (MERCEDES), STEELFLEX, HBPO Manufactoring Hungary (MERCEDES), ANTOLIN, MAGNA. These can be heavy duty non-series shelf systems, in-house transport equipment, tools to relocate several tons of machines and other locksmith tools for manufacturing.

We are ISO certified automotive suppliers!
Solving Skills

Our engineers, welders and locksmiths have a high degree of routine and professional experience in the field of construction, pre-production (single and series) and on-site assembly. Fast production, implementation and deadlines require that project workers constantly use their creativity, resulting excellent ideas and solutions are created. Thanks to this, our customers are returning partners, complete with further recommendations.


Our clients often have a specific idea and we need to provide them for implementation the common reflection, keeping in mind the needs of the customers, but not forgetting the finite capacity of our employees. Our team has the needed qualifications and competencies for steel structure and machinery design and also they are available to the customers from to formulate the pending problem until the product operation.


We love the challenges: what we see in the problem is the opportunity, not the problem of the possibility. To maintain continuous development we always welcome the new challenges, special orders and ideas, which represent new task and lead to an unknown area.

Engineering precision

Good thing can be born only from good thing. Our company purchases raw materials from controlled suppliers, we are constantly keep the working relationship with them, we usually get more discounts for products, so we can provide substantial discount to the customer. We consider of importance the human relationships and humane treatment, we think the good word is much more than any chiding.

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