CNC bending

We guarantee exact finishing and excellent bending accuracy.

Laser cutting

We have the necessary tools and human resources.

Machine part production

More sophisticated tasks can be done with us smoothly.

Welding unique and serial production

We accept also special demands and more complicated requests.

What are we dealing with?

At our company, for the first time, only the argon serial welding was the main profile, we mainly made shelf systems, painted, chrome-plated and matt chrome surface and exported to many parts of the world. Later, the palette was extended with automotive manufacturing, with a very small series of drawbars.
Our main activities include CNC edge bending, sheet cutting and rolling, machine parts manufacturing, pipe rolling, with carbon steel, alloy steel and aluminum materials, with CO- and AWI machines and with CO welding robots.

  • Metalworking

  • Locksmithery

  • CO₂ gas welding with robots

  • Metal structure production

  • Laser cutting

  • Compression

  • CNC bending

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